GP ARAQ-S kivääri 7,62×39


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  • Caliber:7.62×39

  • Overall length:1000/900mm

  • Barrel length:16,5″

  • Height w/o magazine:194mm

  • Width w/o charging handle:78mm

  • Weight w/o magazine:3425g

The GP ARAQ-S is a short stroke piston operated semi-automatic rifle chambered in worldwide popular 7.62×39 caliber, combining advantages of AR/M4 modularity with power of AK47 rounds for civilian users who prefer strong and dependable caliber in practical system with simple manual of arms.

Based on AR15/M4 design, thissemi-automatic rifle offers wide range of accessories and significant modularity options. Robust and reliable design made of top-quality materials, using most advanced technologies and state of the art tools. Popular classic features are accompanied by modern additions, such as free-floated handguard with M-LOK slots and accessory rails for accessories. Handguard can be removed without any tools. GRAND POWER proprietary pistol grip offers maximum comfort and secure purchase in any conditions. Multi-position collapsible stock offers length of pull adjustments.

GP ARAQ-S has adjustable gas block (no tools needed to perform adjustment) and is compatible with regular AK47/AKM pattern magazines and is equipped with a case deflector and forward assist. Version with ambidextrous controls is also available on demand.

Further accessories, such as suppressors, flash hiders etc are available upon request. All specifications are approximate and can be subject to change unless specified in contract or purchase order.

*please note photos are for illustration purposes only, actual accessories may vary in accordance with order!

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