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Improve your shooting skills with the LaserPET Electronic target Combined with any SureStrike Laser Cartridge!

The LaserPET personal electronic target improves shooting skills such as drawing, target acquisition and trigger squeeze while building a solid foundation for accuracy. LaserPET can be combined with any of our SureStrike laser training cartridges for immediate audio, visual and numeric feedback with multiple training options.

The LaserPET electronic target features:
•1.8″X1.8″ laser sensor
•Bright numeric LED display
•Tripod and wall mounts
•AAA battery operated
•3 operational modes:
Hit counter – this setting will count the shooter’s consecutive hits.
Shot timer / Fast draw – this timer will show the accurate time from buzzer to hit.
Speed shooting – this mode will time the shooter as if they were changing a magazine and subsequently
count how many times the shooter can hit the target within 5 seconds.
•Works with all SureStrike TA/DF red laser cartridges and kits
•Works in full room light

This item includes:
•LaserPETTM Electronic target
•2 AAAjbatteries
•User Guide

SureStrike 9mm cartridge not included.

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