Dillon pöytäkiinnike XL650/750


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The Dillon 550/650/750 Strong Mount is an excellent addition to any reloading bench. It elevates your reloading press, making it higher and usually easier to operate comfortably for most users. By creating a much larger and wider base for the press, it also serves to stabilizers the machine, reducing vibration and wobble which can be detrimental to good reloading.

It is one of the most useful accessories in the Dillon line up, and highly recommended for both 550, 650 and 750 reloaders.

This mount is for both the RL550 and RL550B, RL550C, as well as the XL650/750.

Mount height: 8 1/2″ (21.5ck)



Paino 2 kg (kilogramma)